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Making ecosystems function
at scale.

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Who We Are Hexa
Who We Are

Revalue Nature develops the highest integrity nature-based projects globally, at scale.

We do this because we want to see a world of functioning ecosystems. This is our mission.

Our projects are beautiful. They provide natural solutions to the climate and nature crisis - sequestering carbon, allowing biodiversity to flourish, enabling communities to thrive, protecting watersheds, and ensuring our ecosystems function as nature intended.

Revalue Nature combines:

World Class Team
A world-class team
with a long track record of developing projects globally
Advanced Climate Tech
Our advanced climate tech
which allows us to develop nature-based projects with greater speed, scale, integrity and transparency
On the Ground
An understanding of the real problems on the ground.
We are rooted in the tropics and have a deep understanding of country contexts and the reality of developing natural solutions

Revalue’s model is to form deep, trust-based partnerships with world-class project operators.

We provide them with everything they need to focus on building and managing the landscape models of the future:
End-to-end development, certification, and monitoring services across the lifetime of the project for carbon and other ecosystem services. Ensuring that projects are of the highest integrity and designed for resilience with the future in mind.
End-to-end development, certification, and monitoring services across the lifetime of the project for carbon and other ecosystem services.
The resource and capital required to execute. No more negotiating with distant investors.
The resource and capital required to execute.
Channelling of the credits to the right buyer for the right price. Our incentives are aligned with our partners’ and nature.
Channelling of the credits to the right buyer for the right price.

Integrity comes first, second, and third in our team.

Our team puts mission before ego. We bias towards action and are all here to demonstrate what high-integrity, resilient projects can do for nature at scale.

Stuart Rowland
Stuart Rowland
Founder and CEO
Alexa Lord
Alexa Lord
Chief Portfolio Officer
Edit Kiss
Edit Kiss
Senior Advisor
Laura Sekula
Laura Sekula
COO & General Counsel
Nicolas Loncle
Nicolas Loncle
Chief Data Scientist
Alex Grais
Alex Grais
Technical Design Director
Our Climate Tech

Our technology is focused on solving the real problems preventing natural solutions getting to the scale required by the climate crisis.

It allows us to develop nature-based solutions with greater speed, scale, integrity, and transparency.

We use our climate tech systems to:

Identify the highest potential carbon projects, globally

Conduct faster and more accurate initial assessments

Automate development stages while only increasing the accuracy and integrity of projects

Provide unrivalled monitoring, transparency, and reporting on our portfolio

Produce early-warning signals and forecasts used to mitigate potential future risks

Our Values
Our Value Left Side

Our north star is value creation aligned with the health of nature and her stewards.

We take the long-term view in everything we do while remaining grounded in the realities of today.

We design for balance and resilience, both in our ecosystems and in the way we work.

Our Value Right Side

We invest in long-term, trust-based partnerships that create value for all.

We keep focus in order to make very hard things happen. This means saying no more than we say yes.

Integrity is core to all that we do. We know that what we do is who we are.

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Project Proponent

Project Proponents

We partner with mission-aligned project operators across the globe. Reach out if you want to build world-class nature-based projects and are interested in finding out more about how we can partner.



Revalue Nature is scaling rapidly and looking for potential future investors. Reach out if you are aligned with our values and want to find out what makes us different.

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